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Message Logger

The IW Software Message Logger arose from our frequent requirements to be able to monitor deployed applications in an unobtrusive way.

The Message Logger is a light weight native Windows application which resides in the notification area of the Taskbar, and receives and displays messages from applications. It is extremely easy to use from most scripting and compiled programming languages.

Very useful during development *and* unobtrusively collecting information after deployment on your customers’ sites.


  • Messages are displayed in real-time as they are received
  • Designed to have very low overhead on clients (non-blocking)
  • Forwarding of messages to a remote message logger or loggers
  • Receives messages via simple API from virtually any language
  • Can be setup as a .NET TraceListener
  • Use as an NLog target
  • Receives messages via Syslog protocol (switchable)
  • The name of the source program is automatically displayed
  • Command line utility to log messages from batch files etc.
  • Minimises to the notification area of the Taskbar
  • Saves logged messages to file
  • Can run as an NT/2000/XP service
  • ActiveX/COM interface
  • Auto-started by client logging a message
  • Multiple colour-coded user configurable 'error levels'
  • Log can be paused and restarted
  • Messages/comments can be inserted from the user interface
  • Optionally 'Stay on top' of other windows
  • Selectable display font